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What Makes Us The Best Dry Ice Blasting Company In Texas?

Fort Worth Dry Ice Blasting serves our clients with the finest solution available, providing environmentally responsible, rapid, and cost-effective solutions to the toughest cleaning difficulties. Our top focus is safety and health, and we’re committed to helping protect our clients and employees by meeting or exceeding the industry’s highest standards.

 Our Core Values Are Simple

  • Excellent Customer Service – On every job that we take on, customer service is our primary​ Regardless of what kind of dry ice blasting project you have in mind, our customer service starts with a smile when you contact us and goes through every step of the process from planning to completion.
  • Quality Workmanship – It is our goal to provide the best workmanship available. Texas Dry Ice​ Blasting offers a wide range of dry ice blasting services offered by team members and employees who have years of experience in the field. We will work quickly, efficiently, and in a safe manner to complete your job.
  • Affordable Pricing -​ It is our mission to provide Texas business owners with the best pricing available. The fact that we offer top-notch dry ice blasting services at extremely competitive prices has made us Texas’ top choice for dry ice blasting services.

     You don’t just have to take our word for it!

    These are a few compliments our customers have given us about our work :


    The Texas Dry Ice Blasting crew are the best in the business. Great crew, great attitudes, and great work. Wilbert Cobb


    “Nobody in Texas offers better quality dry ice blasting at a better cost. And it’s much better than other forms of cleaning too. I highly recommend Texas Dry Ice Blasting.” – Ellen Hurst


    “Best Texas dry ice blasting company around! They have completed several projects for us and I highly recommend Texas Dry Ice Blasting!” – Brian Harrell


    The Fort Worth Dry Ice Blasting Difference

    Among the dry ice blasting companies, we are distinguished by the equipment we use. Our specialized single hose blasting units utilize the most advanced state-of-the-art technology available today. An entirely single hose system instead of an older double hose system makes it possible to:

    • Cleaning results can be improved with a better nozzle selection.
    • A single-hose system typically uses a 900 foot/second rate for ice travel through the hose, resulting in better cleaning. A single-hose system does not have an issue with hose length. However, in a dual-hose system, as you move further away from the unit, the ice volume coming out of the nozzle is drastically reduced.

    This suggests that with better technology, the environment is better cared for by using consumables that are more environmentally friendly. It is our goal to maintain our machines so they are in tip-top shape and ready for the next job!

    As the #1 most trusted Dry Ice Blasting company we are proud to serve the entire state of Texas including the following major cities: Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, & Houston.

    If you are interested in learning more about dry ice blasting, its benefits, and the industries we serve then check out the following Blog.  You can also view many of our videos at the following YouTube Channel.

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